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Stephen L. Lockwood, P.C.

When you have been wronged by discrimination or you feel you have a claim regarding police misconduct, it is imperative that you get in contact with a reliable lawyer that knows your rights. Stephen L. Lockwood, P.C. of Utica, NY is a firm that you can count on to fight for your rights.

We have many years of experience in protecting our client's rights because we carefully listen to their concerns and provide them with honest counsel. We are committed to seeking justice for you and your family. 

Our Civil Rights Legal Services Include:

  • Police brutality
  • Housing discrimination
  • Sexual harrassment

Our Employment Law Legal Services Include:

  • Wrongful termination

Our Discrimination Legal Services Include:

  • Sexual
  • Age
  • Race
  • Religious

Contact Stephen L. Lockwood, P.C. today at 315-724-5177, or browse our website for more information about real estate, corporate law or personal injury.

Civil Right Attorney - Utica, NY - Stephen L. Lockwood, P.C.


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